Owner, Executive Director

L. Brooke Pfeiffer

Brooke received her Master’s in Special Education with a concentration in autism and applied behavior analysis from Texas State University in 2011. She has experience working in public school, clinic and home settings, and believes that home and community services affect the greatest change. Brooke founded Bluebird in 2015 to provide exceptional ABA to anybody whose life it can enhance, regardless of age, diagnosis, and behavior.

Therapy pup

Wilhelmina “Willa” Pfeiffer

Willa is a bright, loving Australian Shepherd. She began training to work at Bluebird when she was eight weeks old, and passed all of her obedience and therapy classes with grace and joy. She’s a certified therapy pet with the Bow Wow Therapy Dog program at The Dog Alliance, and she loves coming to ABA sessions with Brooke! When she’s not learning new tricks and volunteering in the community, she enjoys trail runs, creek swims and fetching as many tennis balls as possible. Follow Willa on Instagram and watch how much fun we have at work!

Letter From The Director

Someone recently asked me to tell him why I’ve chosen this profession without describing my job. I told him that I feel fortunate that I know how to help a remarkable group of people and that I find immeasurable joy in doing so. Coming into loving homes and lives that are often marked by chaos and frustration is a privilege and an honor. I have witnessed extraordinary growth and gains to the extent that I am constantly in awe of the power of quality therapy. I feel grateful to have the opportunity to bring support, hope and light to those homes.

I am passionate about ABA because I believe it creates the type of change that improves the world. I am passionate about Bluebird because it allows me to improve my piece of it here in Austin.

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